Certified public accounting

LPG Romania : certified public accounting

Certified public accounting


LPG Expertiza Contabila Srl, is a multilingual french certified public accounting firm offering its clients accounting and certified public accounting in Romania.

LPG Expertiza Contabila Srl – Multilingual certified public accountants in Romania

LPG Expertiza Contabila Srl has over fifteen years of experience in Romanian performing detailed accounting tasks for foreign and local companies. LPG specializes in helping companies launch their projects in Romania and internationally, bringing to the table years of experience and a deep knowledge of the country, enabling LPG to effectively counsel its clients on how to incorporate in Romania.

Certified public accounting

In Romania, certified public accounting encompasses bookkeeping and accounting, creating balance sheets, filing tax return and payroll services. LPG Expertiza Contabila Srl also offers tax consulting services, operations analysis and corporate auditing.

LPG Expertiza Contabila Srl is a member of LPG Group of companies with various locations in Europe including Luxembourg, Switzerland and France, and is a licensed member of the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR).


LPG Expertiza Contabila Srl offers full accounting services, including a convenient in-house service where one of our bookkeepers performs in the offices of the clients.

Accounting consultants

LPG Expertiza Contabila Srl can also offer consulting or advice to firms where the accounting is performed directly by the client.

One of the many services for our clients is the creation of financial analysis tools. We can also carry out reporting to headquarters or shareholders especially in cases where the company is listed on the stock market or is consolidating its annual reports.

Clients can also benefit from the tax law and accounting expertise of LPG group of accounting firms located throughout Europe including Luxembourg, Paris and Geneva.