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Romanian recruitment and international headhunting Romania


LPG Romania offers a Romanian recruitment or Romania headhunting service for highly qualified personnel (computer experts, professionals, medical industry, etc.) in addition to its global service (consulting for company formation in Romania).

Human resources is key area of our expertise at LPG. With a presence in the Romanian market since 2001, we have acquired a deep knowledge of the local human resources market, enabling us to meet the most demanding requirements of our clients.

Our Romanian staff recruiting and human resource management services provide our clients with complete solutions for finding talent and selecting qualified personnel tailored to the specific needs of each organization. Each Romanian recruitment project is coordinated by one of our consultants who works closely with their client, maintaining direct contact throughout the selection process.


Why outsource?

Recruiting is one of the most complex tasks a company must undertake, and its ability to be successful depends largely on its knowledge of the market. Using a recruiting service allows you to benefit from the knowledge of experts equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the job market to ensure you obtain high quality personnel.

Using our Romanian recruitment services is not a costly, but rather a cost-effective method to find personnel efficiently. This is a long term investment in the organization. Entrepreneurs must keep in mind that failure to recruit the appropriate candidate may equate to not only financial losses, but also wasted time and also potential loss of credibility to the company.