Electronic Payment in Romania


Bank cards are currently accepted to their greatest part in businesses in large cities, hotels and restaurants. In many rural areas or at small businesses, you usually have to pay in cash.


As of 1 January 2017, retail businesses with an annual turnover of over EUR 10,000 have to be endowed with an electronic payment terminal (POS) and must therefore offer their customers the opportunity to pay for their purchases with a bank card.

Traders have to request a payment terminal from their banks. These banks have a maximum period of 30 days, as of the day of the order, to endow the traders.

Traders wishing to do so may use their payment terminal to act as a cash withdrawal point, as well as an ATM, provided that they:

- limit cash withdrawals to RON 200 (approximately EUR 50) per transaction;            

- limit the commission received from the cardholder to 1% of the withdrawn amount;                               

- visibly display an advertisement regarding the offered withdrawal service and its cost to the cardholder.


The withdrawal operation has also to be mentioned separately from sales on the sales receipt (“tax receipt”).