Procurement of the Criminal Record Certificate


LPG can assist its clients in the process of applying for the Romanian criminal record certificate.

In Romania, both individuals and legal entities can request a criminal record certificate.

Criminal record certificates of shareholders and directors have to be obtained for certain procedures, especially for all companies applying for an intra-Community VAT number.

The application for a criminal record certificate has to be submitted with the police precinct of the city where the applicant (i.e. the applicant himself/herself or his/her principal) has his place of birth, domicile or residence.

The criminal record certificate is obtained further to paying a fee and a tax stamp and the term to procure such is generally of a couple of days as of the application date.


  • Individuals with Romanian citizenship:

Romanian citizens who apply in their hometown can immediately obtain a criminal record certificate.

  • Individuals with foreign citizenship:

Foreign citizens can obtain a Romanian criminal record certificate based on a power of attorney signed in front of a notary (translated and authenticated power of attorney). Criminal record certificates are generally procured within 10 days as of the application date.

  • For Romanian or foreign legal entities:

The application has to be accompanied by a copy of the ID document of the legal representative and an excerpt from the Trade Register. Criminal record certificates are generally procured within 12 days as of the application date.