Declaring Romanian VAT

Declaring Romanian VAT

Companies must declare VAT every month as a summary of intra-communitary exchanges of goods and services.

As of 2010, companies must send in a monthly 390 summary form including intra-communitary exchanges of goods and services.

The new monthly declaration form is due by the 25th of the following month (whereas it used to be the 15th).

Companies subject to VAT which have carried out intra-communitary deliveries and/or acquisitions of goods, deliveries of goods in a three-way transaction, acquisition of goods carried out by the acquirer in triangualr business deals, and the intra-communitary supply and acquisition of services such as those defined in Title VI of the Tax Code: all these companies must fulfill this requirement, in conformity with article 153 and 153(1) of the Romanian Fiscal Code.

Prior to 2010, the summary declaration was due quarterly.

If a company fails to report or the summary declaration is late or contains errors, the company in question may be subject to sanctions in conformity with article 210(1) of the Fiscal procedure Code.

(1) O.U.G. n. 109/2009 - modification of the Romanian Fiscal Code