Obtaining a criminal record for the IOR

How to obtain a criminal record in order to register with the Registry of Intra-Community Operators

LPG can help clients who must obtain a Romanian criminal record. 

Requesting a criminal record

Criminal records must be procured for all shareholders and directors of any company registering with the Intra-Community Operators Regsitry.

In Romania, physical persons and companies can request criminal records.

Criminal records must be requested at the Police unit of the city in which the person (ie the applicant himself or proxy) requesting it was born, is residing or has legal residence.

A tax stamp and a fee must be paid in order to obtain a criminal record.

It normally takes a few days to process the request for a criminal record. 

Physical persons with Romanian nationality:

Romanian citizens can obtain their criminal records very quickly when requesting in their place of birth.

Physical persons, non-Romanian nationality:

Foreign citizens can obtain a Romanian criminal record through a signed notary document (translated and authenticated document). It usually takes about 10 business days to procure a foreign criminal record. 

For Romanian or foreign companies:

The request for a criminal record must be accompanied by a copy of the identification of a legal representative and a statement by the Registry of Commerce. It normally takes about 12 business days to process this kind of request.