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Equity capital for SA and SCA companies

Equity capital for Romanian SA and SCA companies

Romanian law for commercial companies included an important amendment related to the minimum amount of capital required for SA and SCA companies. As of October 30, 2005, SA and SCA companies must have a minimum equity capital of 90,000 RON (about 25,000 EUR).

The law allows companies to delay the release of 30% of the value of the shares of a corporation or SCA from the time of its constitution, to be made available within the following period:

  • 12 months after its registration as a company with the Commerce Registry with cash contribution;
  • 2 years from the date of its registeration with the Commerce Registry for payments in kind.

A similar provision is expected to be put into effect to increase the minimum capital requirement for SRLs (limited liability company), which is currently only 200 RON (about 55 EUR).