Service for finding Romanian sub-contractors and suppliers

Finding sub-contractors

LPG Romania can assist in finding Romanian sub-contractors or suppliers in Romania. We can also work along with the LPG Bulgarian office for Bulgarian sub-contractors or suppliers if the client wishes as these can offer even lower costs.

The following is a sample list of the industries which LPG Romania has assisted clients in finding sub-contractors and suppliers in Romania and Bulgaria:

  • the wood-working and furniture industry
  • the plastics industry
  • information technology
  • the automobile and aeronautics industries
  • data entry
  • the textile industry
  • metallurgy: metal manufacturing, mechanical engineering, metal structures, sheet metal, foundries, etc.


A rigorous method is used to identify Romanian and Bulgarian suppliers and sub-contractors:

  • Establishing the precise specifications of the desired Romanian supplier/contractor for the client;
  • Drawing up a presentation of the requirements
  • Selection from the results of a broad based search: chambers of commerce, specialized directories, professional associations, professional unions, industry events, internal databases, etc.;
  • Deeper research into the selected companies (current production, customer ratings, financial situation and accounting position, etc.) and, in general, a summary of information collected formally and informally on the candidates;
  • Finally, contacting the screened candidates for suppliers/contractors.