Romanian subsidies for job creators

Romanian subsidies for job creators

As of March 2010, employers who hire unemployed persons benefit from a reduction in social security charges.

Starting on March 1, 2010, employers will be exempt from payment of social security charges for 6 months for hiring unemployed people for newly created positions.

In order to benefit from this measure:    

  • The unemployed person to be hired must have been registered at a job placement agency for a minimum of 3 months before the date of the hiring;
  • The employer must hire the unemployed person for a duration for at least 12 months from the date of hire.
  • The hire must not have been an employee of the employer during the 6 months preceeding the date of for the position for which the exemption is sought;
  • The person must be hired for a newly created position;
  • The employer must not dismiss employees for reasons other than the fault of the employee (for both new and recent employees).

Source : OUG 13/23 February 2010